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 How To Apply for News Reporter

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PostSubject: How To Apply for News Reporter   Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:51 pm

Welcome to

In this forum you can apply to become a news reporter on With entry to this group, you will gain access to a section of the site that only other reporters will be able to see. You will be expected to be able to abide by these weekly guidelines:

  • Post at least 2-3 news stories per week.
  • Be able to write clearly, and with proper punctuation
  • Be able to set aside at least 10 hours a month for

If you are unsure about even ONE of these listed musts, please do not even apply. When applying, please use the form below. We want our News section to be full of stories and rumors (no matter how unfounded they are) and we want it as current as possible. If you are unsure about your ability to commit to reporting as much news as possible, please do not apply.


Favorite Genre:
Favorite Actor:
Favorite Actress:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Director:
Find at least one News Worthy Story, and post your version of it (50 words or more):

Post your application as a separate topic in this forum, and you will receive a reply shortly. Thanks for your interest. Team
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How To Apply for News Reporter
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